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For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry.


The beech

A solid guardian


How our technical department works

From drawing to quality finished work. In between, the knowledge of those with direct experience of wood.


Avart boutique

The new multi-brand shopping experience by Studiopepe


Reka. Swiss Travel Fund Cooperative

Innovation and comfort in your next holiday


Prefabricated modular bathrooms

The challenge for an optimal and certified solution


Lugano municipal master plan

An installation for the future of our city


Team Veragouth and Xilema

25 professionals including engineers, architects, designers and draughtsman, 4 sector directors and over 70 specialised workers


The Walnut

Or the tree of Jupiter


Our partners

For a 360° high-quality service


Veragouth and Xilema adopts Minergie

The top choice in terms of environmental sustainability



The main wood in carpentry


Simone Cavadini

Still life for Veragouth and Xilema


A pavilion in green surroundings

Casa al boschetto


Custom-made joinery

Quality recognized at first glance


Inserts custom-made and the warm oak wood colour

Casa alle vigne


Veragouth and Xilema, industrial partners in research projects

Responsibility for the future


New agronomic research station



Large coplanar windows, the choice of Swiss technology

Casa agli Orti


Lugano municipal master plan

An installation for the future of our city

We care about our territory and we support our city. The Lugano municipal master plan intends to unite in a common long-term vision the development of a territory that is currently heterogeneous in terms of landscape, economic activities and building structure.

The role of communication is accompanying the process of creating the municipal master plan. The development of “a vision for Lugano” is the task that the groups of the parallel study mandate have received for implementing the municipal master plan, and has also become the slogan of the communication campaign. Veragouth and Xilema contributed by creating the exhibition structure for the three finalist projects on display at the Convention Centre on January 24, 2022. The set-up in round beech bars with metal joints, designed by Sabrina Cerea and Leonardo Angelucci, recalls the main elements of the project: the division of space into modules and the recomposition according to ever-changing combinations.

And what better than scaffolding is able to communicate "work in progress"?

Over the last 50 years Lugano has undergone a great transformation, from town to extended city, becoming the home of 146,000 inhabitants and creating more than 100,000 jobs. The challenge today is to reconcile Ticino’s role as an economic center while maintaining the quality of life, so that it remains a city of choice for those who live there, and not just of necessity.

1-Lugano municipal master plan

2-Lugano municipal master plan

3-Lugano municipal master plan

4-Lugano municipal master plan

5-Lugano municipal master plan

6-Lugano municipal master plan


Client: Città di Lugano, Divisione pianificazione, ambiente e mobilità
Communication project: Divisione comunicazione e relazioni istituzionali, Ufficio comunicazione, Eleonora Bourgoin, Amanda Prada
Exhibition design, graphics and web: Leonardo Angelucci, Sabrina Cerea
Photo: Marcelo Villada Ortiz