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For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry.

Simone Cavadini © 2021 Veragouth e Xilema

Simone Cavadini © 2021 Veragouth e Xilema

Veragouth e Xilema
Via Industrie 24
6930 Bedano, Svizzera
0041 91 935 79 79

© 2021 Veragouth SA
Art direction and website: 0x000, 0xfff

For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry. A successful family history built on a passion for wood, work ethics, investments in technological innovation, and the offer of a global and turnkey service guaranteeing safety, competence and reliability.

Veragouth and Xilema activity began at an artisan level in the 1930s, adapting continuously to the new needs of the market, social evolution and changing lifestyles. First were the sewing wooden boxes, then the skirting boards – thousands of kilometres of shaped wood contours. Then, starting from the 60s and 70s, new investments in machinery and laboratories equipped to adequately intercept the broader and more structured demand coming from the residential and public construction sector.

Windows, fixtures, doors, custom-made furniture; an increasing production and trade established itself in the area. The company’s ability to successfully achieve economies of scale, the attention to detail that always ensures quality of products, and personalized services.

Eventually, at the end of the millennium, the offering was expanded to the construction sector, with the most modern techniques of structural wood usage. The natural corporate refinement evolution focusing attention to the issues of environmental sustainability, ecology, energy saving, and sustainable architecture. Wood is naturally at the centre of a world that wants to be greener, a world in which Veragouth and Xilema know they can offer the value of their long history and passion for wood.

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Sustainability, technology, team work and the challenge of wood

Sustainability, technology, passion for work and for wood. In few simple words, values that have marked our entire history, the foundations on which our present rests, the key to our future development.

Sustainability, because the future of all of us will be sustainable – or else, an uncertain one. Technology, because it is the best ally of sustainable growth and it is essential to ensure quality of work, products and services. Professionalism and passion; the only way of working we know. Wood, an ancient material that never ceases to surprise us with its extraordinary modernity.


Sustainable building means putting the theme of ecology at the centre, investing in the future of the planet and our children. However, it also means ensuring well-being for the present, because a building made in respect of the environment is also a building where you live better.

Our challenge translates into respecting the principles of sustainable architecture, in an effort to reduce the consumption of grey energy using advanced materials and techniques that guarantee thermal insulation and proper ventilation of the living environments. An all-out commitment that ensures Veragouth and Xilema buildings the Minergie® certificate, the Swiss construction standard at the forefront of environmental sustainability and living comfort.


Technology saves energy, reduces waste and costs, motivates, opens horizons, ignites fascinating challenges and renews passion for work. For this reason, Veragouth and Xilema has always considered investing in renewing machinery and technologies indispensable.

Numerical control machines of the latest generation allow us today to optimize production processes, and to ensure precision, quality and competitiveness of our products; a custom kitchen, a wardrobe, a house, a school, a public building.

The challenge of wood

Tao says that “the challenge of wood is to bring wonderful novelties into the world with infinite kindness”. Wood is recyclable and ecological. Wood breathes, it is clean, protects and insulates, gives warmth and personality to living spaces. It is an ancient and modern material, with a thousand surprising qualities.

For us at Veragouth and Xilema, wood has been a hundred years long passion, and today we have the skills and technologies to reaffirm the centrality of wood in the craft of building, and in the experience of inhabiting.

Team work

Networking or not working. Teamwork is what fuels and pushes the company internally, but also on the construction site, where Veragouth and Xilema knows to express its best in a day-to-day relationship with all the components that make up the chain of the wood construction carpentry market.

Over the years, Veragouth and Xilema have strengthen its collaborative relationships in Ticino with centres of high development in the construction and design field, the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and, above all, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Three integrated sectors
The wooden construction carpentry, the custom-made joinery and the commercial area

The wide range of products and services is structured in three integrated and distinct areas, each with its own technical department and organization, and each interconnected with the other to ensure continuous osmosis.

The three operational areas are the wooden construction carpentry for the construction of buildings, including multi-storey ones; the joinery, which produces custom-made and project-based windows and furniture components; the commercial area, with fixtures, doors and windows supplied from the best companies on the market. In addition, a qualified and expert guidance, delivery within a certain timeframe, a state of the art installation and impeccable after-sales assistance.


The wooden construction carpentry

Wood ensures the highest expression of quality in building and living. Veragouth and Xilema provides ecological state-of-the-art installations that can be developed on several floors, respectful of the principles of sustainable architecture and convenient in every aspect, perfectly suited to the most diverse uses: residential houses – including multi-storey ones – recreational and sports facilities, public buildings.

A Veragouth and Xilema house guarantees energy saving and sustainability, comfort, solidity and value of the building, total design freedom for the architect and maximum performance of structural solutions. The assistance of a team of reliable and expert consultants, the workers’ extensive experience, the most advanced technologies available in this sector, and a great passion for work, in the best Ticino tradition.


The custom-made joinery

Veragouth and Xilema is synonymous with quality carpentry, precision and attention to detail. For almost a century, carpentry construction and creating custom furniture and kitchens have been activities in which the company boasts vast experience and expertise that fear no comparison.

Laboratories equipped with the most modern and performing technologies; workers and assemblers of absolute reliability, both in production and installation; consultants who attend to the customers and advise on the product that best suits their needs, the best solution to their space problem, and the best finishing in harmony with their home and style.


Commercial area
The commercial area

To complete their custom-made offering, Veragouth and Xilema have access to a vast catalog of doors and windows, fixtures, stairs and any other wooden product needed for construction, ready available to the architect, builder, public or private body.

Veragouth and Xilema provide for its customers products made by the best companies in the industry, guaranteeing quality, performance, durability and good value. The commitment is to always guarantee a 360 degree service, the best product at the best conditions, certified Veragouth and Xilema.