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For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry.

We believe that passion and professionalism are the key ingredients for a high-quality work.
Veragouth e Xilema’s main strengths are its wide range of skills and personal attitudes that are necessary to find every time the best solution to meet all customers’ needs.

A technical office of 25 professionals such as engineers, architects, project managers, and designers, 4 directors, and over 70 qualified workers: a unique team made by different people that work together and with reliable partners to develop innovative projects.

A team that combines strategic vision, technical skills and the ability to guide customers step by step in their choices. These characteristics make Veragouth e Xilema a true consultant that is able to offer a 360° service, from the initial project to the after-sale. Above all, a team that shares values, professionalism and the vision to carry on projects that meet all architects’ expectations.

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[→] Direction
Giacomo Veragouth
General Director

Economist and third generation owner, since over 35 years he leads the whole Veragouth e Xilema team, composed by more than 100 people.

He brings strategic vision, expertise, technical skills, professionalism, and charisma to develop integrated and complex projects that involve joinery, carpentry and the commercial area with the goal of offering complete, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

[→] Custom made joinery
Oliver Moggi
Joinery Director

With a SSS Wood Technician education and over 30 years’ experience, he is responsible for the Joinery sector, composed by over 40 people, among whose 6 in the technical office, one production manager and one site manager. He guides the customers in their custom-made projects and offers customized technical consultations with the goal of finding the best solutions based on their architectural and economic needs.

[→] Commercial area
Peter Müller
Commercial Area Director

Carpenter and marketing expert with over 25 years’ experience in the fixture business, he is responsible for the Commercial Area, composed by 11 people, among whose 1 technical manager, 3 project managers and 6 workers. He is the reference point for those architects who want to have custom-made doors, windows and frames. Thanks to his skills and knowledge of the German-speaking part of Switzerland, he selects and works together with the best industry partners, such as 4B.

[→] Carpentry
Valerio Casati
Commercial technician

Architect with over 20 years’ experience, he is the commercial manager of all carpentry projects.

He is the first point of contact with clients who evaluates new opportunities, he drafts commercial offers, and makes sure that every piece of information is transferred correctly from the customer to the technical office.

[→] Carpentry
Matteo Cavadini
Site Director

With Industrial Construction Expert education, he coordinates all Technical Direction activities and brings Project Management processes, as well as technical, logistical, and management solutions.

He manages a 20 people team and coordinates the suppliers’ activity on the construction sites. He also makes sure that each project is coherent with the initial agreement made with the architect.

[→] Carpentry
Marius Pabst
Technical Office Manager

Specialized wood engineer, he coordinates the technical office composed by an architect, a production manager and three technicians. He technically develops projects, oversees the prefabricated buildings’ production and the laying.

Together with the architect, he manages carpentry projects and finds every time the most suitable solutions.

[→] Custom made joinery
Luca Bizzozero
Production Manager

Manager of a 15 people team and in charge of training joinery apprentices, he is a key role in the joinery department as he manages all technical projects’ development, he makes sure that production is coherent with the original plan and executed with precision, in line with the high-quality standards that have always made Veragouth and Xilema stand out.

[→] Custom made joinery
Paolo Dressi
Site Manager

He is the person in charge of planning and coordinating all joinery projects’ laying. He manages a team of 20 people and makes sure that all the laying interventions are planned and executed in a fast and precise way. His proactive and flexible attitude allows him to constantly improve processes to find solutions that are more and more in line with the customers’ needs.

[→] Commercial area
Kim Kaufmann
Project Manager

Young architect with a smart attitude, he manages the technical office composed by 3 people, he is in charge of sale and guides the architect during the whole project, from the beginning to the after-sale. He brings innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and communication skills, essential characteristics to always offer new custom-made solutions.

[→] Administration
Cristian Trovato
Director of Administration

CFO and Director of the administration sector composed by 5 people, he manages all the accounting, fiscal, financial, real estate and HR functions. With the experience and skills gained in over 10 years career and during his studies, today he is an internal and external point of reference for the whole company.