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For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry.

Alpine Foundation for Life Sciences, Olivone

Nosedo school centre, Massagno

Wherever wood meets craft and the pursuit of well-being living, Veragouth and Xilema is the ideal partner in terms of reliability, experience and competence.

Before a sale there is always the search for a trusting relationship with the client: an architect who designs a house from scratch, an extension, or a renovation; a public body that wants to build a school, a sports centre, or a multifunctional space; a private individual who wants to replace the windows and doors of its home, renovate the kitchen, or create a custom wardrobe.

Veragouth and Xilema can offer the right advice and support in every technical, regulatory and executive aspect: energy saving and environmental sustainability assessments, reliability on site, correct and impeccable installation, availability and speed of response even in post-sales.

This is what we call turnkey service, which means guaranteeing the customer peace of mind and certainty. A partner able to take care of everything, Veragouth and Xilema’s added value is the key to our success.

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Products and services
Wooden constructions, doors and windows, custom-made furnishings, kitchens, furniture and fixtures
Wooden constructions

Veragouth and Xilema creates low energy consumption wooden buildings, offering the designer and the client a know-how and technological availability that allow them to master every technique of modern wooden construction: X-lam structures, frame structures, multi-storey structures with load-bearing panels. The goal is to ensure the best engineering solutions for the most diverse construction needs, always in the context of an open and collaborative dialogue between the Veragouth and Xilema technical office, the designer, and the client.

Veragouth and Xilema wood construction represents the ideal solution in many diverse building sectors due to its structural distinction, the speed of execution and design freedom: the single-family house and multi-storey building, the gym and the school, the public building. Its versatility also increasingly makes it a first choice option for extensions and elevations of masonry buildings, as well as for building redevelopment and renovation.

Custom-made furnishings, kitchens, furniture and fixtures

Veragouth and Xilema were born in the joinery, and the joinery still expresses the most distinctive character of a company that has built its success by combining craftsmanship and technological evolution. The result is a strictly custom-made production, aimed at the highest market segment. Responses of maximum reliability even during the design phase consultancy, particularly to the designer architect who knows the importance of finishing and detail executed to perfection; coatings and paneling, special windows, furnishings, furniture and kitchens.

Wood is always the protagonist, even combined with metals, ceramics and other technical materials, and the production follows the entire manufacturing process with care, from choosing the type of wood to the lacquering or finishing of the product. The most advanced technologies available interface directly with CAD systems in the technical office. A real control room, where a staff of six professionals put into practice the key concept of the company’s philosophy: the right amount of time and maximum attention to every project for all customers.

The process optimization and technological investments allow Veragouth and Xilema extreme flexibility and great production capacity. Reliable installers with long experience, organized into teams, guarantee the perfect assembly of all products and punctual assistance, because Veragouth and Xilema’s quality always stands out, even in installation and after sales.

Doors and windows

At the client service, with the utmost expertise of the product and with the most in-depth knowledge of cantonal and federal regulations, to advise, develop and offer the best solution to each specific and particular need.

Veragouth and Xilema boasts unparalleled experience and know-how in window framing in Ticino. Knowledge, technicians and employees enthusiasm and skills – in sales, development and assembly departments – allow the company to face the most demanding challenges of an ever-growing market. More and more often, performing responses of increasing complexity are requested: larger surfaces, extreme ease of use, better thermal and sound insulation, lasting sealing solutions, maximum safety against fire, burglary, risk of accidental injuries, obstacles limitation for people with disabilities and exit route in case of escape. Veragouth and Xilema guarantees the most effective answers to all these requests, drawing from a wide range of products and solutions, that include wooden and wood-aluminium windows, internal and external doors, wooden or aluminium shutters, special doors and windows for the most diverse uses.