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For almost a century in Ticino, Veragouth and Xilema has been the definition of leading company in the joinery and carpentry construction industry.


The beech

A solid guardian


How our technical department works

From drawing to quality finished work. In between, the knowledge of those with direct experience of wood.


Avart boutique

The new multi-brand shopping experience by Studiopepe


Reka. Swiss Travel Fund Cooperative

Innovation and comfort in your next holiday


Prefabricated modular bathrooms

The challenge for an optimal and certified solution


Lugano municipal master plan

An installation for the future of our city


Team Veragouth and Xilema

25 professionals including engineers, architects, designers and draughtsman, 4 sector directors and over 70 specialised workers


The Walnut

Or the tree of Jupiter


Our partners

For a 360° high-quality service


Veragouth and Xilema adopts Minergie

The top choice in terms of environmental sustainability



The main wood in carpentry


Simone Cavadini

Still life for Veragouth and Xilema


A pavilion in green surroundings

Casa al boschetto


Custom-made joinery

Quality recognized at first glance


Inserts custom-made and the warm oak wood colour

Casa alle vigne


Veragouth and Xilema, industrial partners in research projects

Responsibility for the future


New agronomic research station



Large coplanar windows, the choice of Swiss technology

Casa agli Orti


Avart boutique

The new multi-brand shopping experience by Studiopepe

A new Avart boutique is open under the elegant porticos of via Canova 7 in Lugano. Milanese atelier Studiopepe envisions a new multi-brand shopping experience, characterized by natural tones and soft geometries, where earthly contrasts and precious textures help to create a welcoming atmosphere, portraying a refined and contemporary femininity. Veragouth and Xilema directed the works and handcrafted various spatial elements; the natural brass appenderie – realized with an invisible support system – which draws graphic patterns on the walls; the exquisite coverings for the lift and fitting rooms made of pink mirrors with satin brass contour and travertine handles which, once opened, reveal an all-over leather and pink carpet. And, of course, we took care of the woodwork: from the staircase steps cladding to the oval counter with leatherette lining and led light for jewelry, to which a round counter with lacquered drawers, soft touch paint and pink glass top act as a visual balance. Both counters present drawers, trays and doors with hidden electric lock and custom made brass handles.

Stools from local walnut modeled from an entire tree trunk contaminate the boutique. 

And finally, the front pivot glass door with walnut frame was developed, replicating the original external brass handle in solid wood.

1-Avart boutique

2-Avart boutique

3-Avart boutique

4-Avart boutique

5-Avart boutique

6-Avart boutique


Photo: Simone Bossi